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Every Morning (in 2013-03-26)

This light low-fat breakfast with Granola, banana and no-fat soy milk provides a solid baseline for the day since it is complemented with a filling protein blue berry drink that is enriched with omega-3. It is easily and quickly prepared. (Tray shows also supplements, medication and water).


Every Noon (in 2013-03-25)

This is a satisfying low-fat lunch with Whole Wheat and Enriched Wheat Pita flatbreads filled with Hommus and Sprouts: Served with fruit and fruit tea. This lunch is easily and quickly prepared. I prepare it also in advance for taking it to work.






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Low-Fat Dinner Every Evening


My dinner plans depend on what greens (See: Recipes for Greens and Other Vegetables) are available and how much time I may have for regular meal preparation. However, with over 100 recipes in this site the choices are manigfold. The basic strategy is to change the sequence of different meals in a controlled manner:







Others (Pizza, Cauliflower, Turnip, Mushrooms, Beets, Green beans, etc).

Since most meals result in at least two servings and I am cooking for myself, the left over portions will be served at one of the following days. This rotation would in principle be repeated during the month. But, no rules without exceptions, for example, choosing the Quick Meals option if nessescary.



Cooked Low-Fat Dinner (Click picture for recipe)

(Dinner Trays also show supplements and water for taking them)


Tuesday: Greens (in 2013-03-20) -

I saw in my Natural Food Store the freshest Swiss Chard and could not resist buying it for Diner


Wednesday: Quick Meal (2013-03-21)

I was working till 7 pm, had no time to cook and needed something filling: This Quick Dinner was my rescue.



Thursday (in 2013-03-22)

Second helping from leftovers from two days ago with remaining ½ baked potato from the day before.

023-Braised-Red-Chard- Dinner-Tray-4x6


Friday: Beans (in 2013-03-22) -

I soaked the black beans the night before and I went to a supermarket that always has soft ripe mangoes: Dinner

004-Caribbean Black Beans-4-Served.jpg


Saturday (in 2013-03-24)

The waiting mango salsa was enticing and welcome for a second helping from the leftovers of the previous day


Sunday: Quick Meal (in 2013-03-24)

After a long day away with no time to care about dinner shopping and preparation: Quick Dinner rescue from staples.



Monday: Greens (in 2013-03-25)

Found Mesclun Greens which afforded me to cook a novel dinner with braised chicken and buckwheat noodles.

102-Mesclun-Greens-Braised-Chicken-Dinner-Tray.jpg (not linked yet)

Tuesday (in 2013-03-26)

The Mesclun greens had to used up quickly and so I made a Quick Dinner with burger, potatoes and mushroom sauce.



Not linked yet



Wednesday: Lentil (in 2013-03-27)

Black Lentils are very tasty and uplifting. Unfortunately I could not find staples so I had to use cans: Dinner


Thursday(in 2013-03-29)

The recipe made four servings. Today I eat the second. I must again say that the black lentils are wonderfully tasty.



Friday(in 2013-03-29)

Being in the fridge definitely enhanced the flavor. I never will be tired of this dish. Had to make a new cup of rice.


Saturday(in 2013-03-30)

Each serving is ½ can of black lentils and ½ can of tomato with 1/3 cup of basmati rice. It is filling, definitely.



Sunday: Soup(in 2013-03-31)

This soup is very easy to prepare and fun to eat because it has such a light creamy texture and sophisticated flavor.


Monday (in 2013-04-01)

This second helping of the soup came at the right time since today I could not go shopping for meal preparation.




Tuesday: Peas(in 2013-04-03)

Just the right dinner, light and easy to prepare with several portions. I just love peas especially prepared in this soup.


Wednesday: (in 2013-04-03)

The extra portions waiting in the fridge helped to night since again I had little time for dinner preparation.




Thursday: (in 2013-04-041)

This pea stew tasted as good as on the first evening. I do not mind having it three times in a row. It’s delicious.


Friday: Restaurant(in 2013-04-06)

Joint on the spot a dinner party for something to eat In the Olde School: Grilled Asparagus with Sundried Tomatoes!

Olde School Saloon Bistro - Dinner-4x6

Restaurant-Olde School Saloon Bistro-New-Haven-CT-Dinner.jpg



Saturday: Greens(in 2013-04-06)

This is a very light tasty Japanese-inspired noodle soup with Napa Chinese Cabbage. Just wonderful.


Sunday: Restaurant(in 2013-04-07)

We went out for a celebration to the Great Wall Restaurant and I had Baby Bok Choy with Black Mushrooms!

Great Wall Rest Baby Bok CHoy Black Mushr-Dinner-4x6

Restaurant-Great Wall New-Haven-CT-Dinner-1.jpg



Monday: (in 2013-04-08)

The second serving waiting in the fridge was just the right easy way of having dinner after a day of hard work.


Tuesday: Beans(in 2013-04-09)

These burritos are so good and satisfying. Preparation can’t be simpler even if starting out with dry Pinto beans.

007-Burritos with Pinto Beans-Dinner-Tray-1.jpg



Wednesday: (in 2013-04-11)

What a satisfying experience, the fruity slightly hot flavor of the salsa and pepper embraced by the mild bean flavor.

007-Burritos with Pinto Beans-Dinner-Tray-2.jpg

Thursday: (in 2013-04-11)

The third and last serving of the favorite burritos. The tasted as good as on the first day, may be a bit better!

007-Burritos with Pinto Beans-Dinner-Tray-3.jpg



Friday: Quick Meal (in 2013-04-12)

This quick meal is one of my last resorts when there was no time for shopping: Of the shelf and prepared in 30 min.


Saturday: (in 2013-04-14)

Second helping: I like this sweet pea soup because it is light, refreshing and enjoyable even two days in a row.




Sunday: Greens(in 2013-04-14)

The crisp red leaf salad and Boston salad afforded to be picked up for this delicious ultimate spring salad experience.

030-Ultimate Red Leaf Salad-Dinner-Tray.jpg

Monday: (in 2013-04-15)

Storing separately away 2/3 of the prepared ingredients allowed mixing a new fresh crisp batch for a second dipping.

030-Ultimate Red Leaf Salad-Dinner-Tray-2.jpg



Tuesday: (in 2013-04-16)

Stored in in the fridge in separate bags, the salad leaves and the ingredients were as crisp and tasty as two days ago.

030-Ultimate Red Leaf Salad-Dinner-Tray-3.jpg

Wednesday: Lentils (in 2013-04-17)

I used hearty mustard greens in my beloved lentil dish and its bity taste went very well with the lentils.




Thursday: (in 2013-04-19)

The big second helping tasted on the next day even better. The mustard greens are doing very well in this dish.


Friday: (in 2013-04-20)

The last serving was again wonderful. Next time I will separately store the greens and use them fresh for each meal.





Saturday: Brunch (in 2013-04-22)

This brunch included Dim Sum (vegetarian dumpling), a cold mimosa and a side order of spicy kale chips (my favorites).



Saturday: Quick Meal (in 2013-04-22)

No time to get everything ready for the next meal, so I reverted to my favorite Quick Meal.




Sunday: Soup (in 2013-04-22)

Fresh soup greens were messaging the spring season and thus providing the mood for this light traditional soup.


Monday: (in 2013-04-22)

Next day, the soup tasted much more balanced reducing the Brag’s Amino taste and enhancing the “mineral taste”




Tuesday: (in 2013-04-23)

The potato soup was as good or even better on the third day now having this beautiful mineral taste and less sweetness.


Wednesday: (in 2013-04-24)

Last serving and still great to enjoy. I just can’t have enough of this simple basic soup on which I grew up at home.




Thursday: Greens (in 2013-04-25)

Since, as remainders from the winter season, I still could find Brussels sprouts and chestnuts, my next dinner was all set!


Friday: (in 2013-04-26)

The chestnut sauce came out awesomely, fully complementing the strong flavor of the Brussels sprouts.




Saturday: Others - Pizza (in 2013-04-27)

New low-fat- products afford creating new kinds of pizza: Today a successful first try for ‘Pepperoni & Sausage’ Pizza!


Sunday: (in 2013-04-30)

I have to make this great easy pizza one more time with less peperoni substituted by tomato, and more sausage.




Monday: Greens (in 2013-04-30)

Mondays I have to work long. Since I will have no second helpings left I will need this time a quickly prepared dinner.

104-Mesclun Green w Burger-2-Dinner-Tray.jpg

Tuesday: (in 2013-04-30)

The second helping is more than welcome. What a great light combination of potato, sauce and burger.

104-Mesclun Green w Burger-2-Dinner-Tray-2.jpg



Wednesday: Quick Meal (2013-05-01)

After a hard workday, what’s better than to have something to eat within 20 min? ‘Chicken wings’ did it again!


Thursday: Greens (in 2013-05-03)

Still have one half bag of Mesclun Green left. For cutting down my calorie intake I only prepared a big salad with it.

033-Mesclun-Greens -Salad-Dinner-Tray-1.jpg



Friday: (in 2013-05-03)

I just realize that one bag of Mesclun Green can last a long time. Today, I will have the rest of it for another big salad.

033-Mesclun-Greens -Salad-Dinner-Tray-2.jpg

Saturday: Beans (in 2013-05-06)

This black bean chili is rich in taste and deserves to be prepared as long as butternut squash is available.

016-Butternut Black Bean Chili-Dinner-Tray-1.jpg



Sunday: Backyard Party (in 2013-05-11)

Being unprepared I retreated to grabbing some basics snacks as my dinner. With some wine near the fire it was just right.


Monday: (in 2013-05-06)

As always after a few days the chili tastes much better with the cumin producing a nice background to the chili pepper.

016-Butternut Black Bean Chili-Dinner-Tray-2.jpg



Tuesday: (in 2013-05-07)

Adding an additional cup of vegetable broth made this last serving absolutely enjoyable to eat.

016-Butternut Black Bean Chili-Dinner-Tray-3.jpg

Wednesday: Greens(in 2013-05-08)

Using Mesclun greens I made a salad with braised ‘chicken cutlet’ since I was pretty hungry.




Thursday: Restaurant (in 2013-05-09)

Family and friends gathering at the Great Wall Restaurant and I had again Baby Bok Choy with Black Mushrooms!

Restaurant-Great Wall New-Haven-CT-Dinner-2.jpg

Friday: Soup (in 2013-05-12)

Seeing the Turnip Greens raised my curiosity: How do they taste? Mild flavor, crunchy stems and just irresistible.




Saturday: (in 2013-05-12)

Overnight the second helping intensified in turnip flavor but without sweetness. This soup is very refreshing.


Sunday: Greens(in 2013-05-12)

Having still half of my turnip greens I made this Southern stew with Great Northern White Beans and ‘Sausages”.




Monday: (in 2013-05-13)

Great, love this stew especially the braised vegan non-fat ‘sausage’ (in white dish) which I had never before tried out.


Tuesday: Lentil (in 2013-05-14)

Collard provides the real feeling of biting into a solid green instead of soft leaves. And it has a real “green” taste too!




Wednesday: Fast Food!(in 2013-05-16)

Being at a smaller airport, the only dinner choice was provided by Subway offering a green salad with balsamic vinegar.


Thursday: (in 2013-05-17)

I start to appreciate collard more than before. It provides a green you can bite in and complements the hearty lentils.




Friday: Other - Cauliflower (in 2013-05-17)

This ‘Buffalo Wing’ pizza is amazingly good and satisfying.

108 Cauliflower-Buffalo-Wing-Pizza-Dinner-Tray-1.jpg

Saturday: Restaurant Brunch (in 2013-05-18). Sitting outside in the early sun, looking down Main Street and enjoying an outstanding brunch.




Saturday: (in 2013-05-18)

This ‘Buffalo Wing’ pizza is amazingly good and satisfying. Just warmed up in the oven is it is as crisp as at the first day.

108 Cauliflower-Buffalo-Wing-Pizza-Dinner-Tray-2.jpg

Sunday: Greens (in 2013-05-19)

Wow, I found Dandelion Green at the grocery store! I have to make again the delicious Louisiana Gumbo Soup.




Monday: (in 2013-05-20)

The slight bitterness of the Dandelion Green goes so well with the full-bodied spiciness of the roux; really great.


Tuesday: (in 2013-05-21)

Ready for the third day? Yes, this soup has such a captivating flavor that it can never be too often! And beer fits better!




Wednesday: Beans(in 2013-05-23)

Spring is Dandelion Green season. I have to try another recipe. How about a combination with braised white beans?

109-Braised Bean-Dandelion-Green -Dinner-Tray-1.jpg

Thursday: (in 2013-05-23)

This was a great dish, not sweet but earthy with a light bitter taste. a substantive green and hearty buckwheat noodles.

109-Braised Bean-Dandelion-Green -Dinner-Tray-2.jpg



Friday: Greens(in 2013-05-22)

Escarole is a lightly bitter green that cooks without losing its texture. Together with the beans it is a must favorite.

031-Escarole-White-Bean-Soup -Dinner-Tray-1.jpg

Saturday: (in 2013-05-25)

This soup provides a great earthy green taste with a nice green texture. I made also a side salad from left escarole.

031-Escarole-White-Bean-Soup -Dinner-Tray-2-4x6

031-Escarole-White-Bean-Soup -Dinner-Tray-2.jpg



Sunday: Restaurant Brunch (in 2013-05-26). I explored a feminist restaurant & bookstore that is one of the oldest CT vegetarian places established in 1977.


Sunday: (in 2013-05-26)

Dinner 3 was as satisfying as the previous servings. This light refreshing soup is just great.

031-Escarole-White-Bean-Soup -Dinner-Tray-3.jpg



Monday: (in 2013-05-27)

I just like these Northern beans. Made from the rest of the escarole a green salad with mango dressing and mango fruit.

031-Escarole-White-Bean-Soup -Dinner-Tray-4.jpg

Tuesday: Lentil(in 2013-05-28)

I was ready for a new lentil recipe so I modified CD’s favorite creation to the low-salt and no-fat diet. Result unexpected.




Wednesday: (in 2013-05-29)

Wow, the stew changed totally in consistency and taste overnight. It developed a smooth rich flavor enhanced by a garnish with plenty of fresh dill.


Thursday: (in 2013-05-30)

In fact the recipe predicted 4-6 servings and so it is. This will be a welcome satisfying meal in the coming days served with a small Mesclun salad and hearty crisp bread!




Friday: (in 2013-06-02)

Thanks to CD (Crescent Dragonwagon) for her greatly inspiring recipes with American adaptations. A great lentil dish.


Saturday: (in 2013-06-02)

The last bowl tasted as good as the first one. This Eastern European-inspired dish has earned my appreciation.




Sunday: Quick Meal (in 2013-06-02)

After a busy day I found no time to think about dinner preparations. A good quick meal was just the right thing for me.


Monday: (in 2013-06-03)

Coming home exhausted I did not feel like chopping turnips and cabbage. So, I made one of my favorite easy meals.

104-Mesclun Green w Burger-Dinner-Tray-2.jpg



Tuesday: Quick Meal (in 2013-06-04)

Since I just made and sampled the 111 White Bean and Herb Spread this afternoon a quick salad was just fine for dinner.


Wednesday: Restaurant Lunch (in 2013-06-05). On the road in Boston, MA, I was enriching a plain salad from my emergency kit with dressing and bread.




Wednesday: Restaurant(in 2013-06-05)

Being in Boston afforded dinner at the True Bistro. What a wonderful blissful experience this was! Best ever yet.


Thursday: Greens (in 2013-06-08)

This large salad with an extra portion of mushrooms was actually a Quick Meal since it was too late for cooking dinner.

033-Mesclun-Greens -Salad-Dinner-Tray-2.jpg



Friday: Quick Meal (in 2013-06-05)

These Quick Meals are prepared in minutes and are just great fill-ins when time or energy for cooking are short


Saturday: Soup (in 2013-06-08)

So finally I can prepare this soup. Although very simple it is one of my favorites, and it is great for calorie intake control.

005-Yellow-Turnip Vegetable-Soup -Dinner-Tray-1.jpg



Sunday: (in 2013-06-09)

The classic turnip soup dinner may be enriched (traditionally only on Sundays) with some meat. Today I used ‘beef’ strips.

005-Yellow-Turnip Vegetable-Soup -Dinner-Tray-2.jpg

Monday: (in 2013-06-10)

Every day passing this soup tastes better and there is still a big pot of it in the fridge lasting for many more days.

005-Yellow-Turnip Vegetable-Soup -Dinner-Tray-3.jpg



Tuesday: (in 2013-06-12)

This was great, just going to the fridge and having enjoyable a complete dinner waiting for you! And still delicious!

005-Yellow-Turnip Vegetable-Soup -Dinner-Tray-4.jpg

Wednesday: (in 2013-06-12)

This will be the last serving of my big pot of turnip soup and I actually have lost two pounds while enjoying it.

005-Yellow-Turnip Vegetable-Soup -Dinner-Tray-5.jpg



Thursday: Quick Meal(in 2013-06-14)

I had no time to get as planned the turnip greens. So I needed a quick dinner from things I had at hand. Delicious!

104-Mesclun Green w Burger-Dinner-Tray-3.jpg

Friday: Greens(in 2013-06-14)

I’m so enthused by the turnip greens. They taste unbelievably rich, slightly bitter and full-bodied ‘green’. A must try!




Saturday: (in 2013-06-15)

I have split the remainders into two portions so I can extend the enjoyment from this Southern dish. Added a small salad.


Sunday: (in 2013-06-17)

Great hearty meal with one of the best tasty greens, especially with the added ‘sausage’ patty.




Monday: (in 2013-06-17)

Having still one half of the yellow turnip, cabbage and jam left it was time to use them, enriched with ‘chicken’ strips.

005-Yellow-Turnip Vegetable-Soup -Dinner-Tray-6.jpg

Tuesday: (in 2013-06-19)

It is so nice to find a ready meal in the fridge, especially if it tastes that good.

005-Yellow-Turnip Vegetable-Soup -Dinner-Tray-7.jpg



Wednesday: (in 2013-06-19)

Simple with no salt or sugar added, it provides a great enjoyable meal. Yes one has to get used to this, but then it’s great.

005-Yellow-Turnip Vegetable-Soup -Dinner-Tray-8.jpg

Thursday: Restaurant (in 2013-06-21)

The outdoor BYO clambake restaurant The Place provides a great vegan alternative: Fire roasted corn and VeggiBob.




Friday: (in 2013-06-21)

The turnip vegetable soup held well in the fridge and provided again an enjoyable dinner.

005-Yellow-Turnip Vegetable-Soup -Dinner-Tray-9.jpg

Saturday: Lunch (in 2013-06-23)

Visiting NY City, I had lunch in a buffet-style fast food restaurant and assembled some vegetables for the meal.

Fast-Food-Restaurant-NYC-NY- Lunch.jpg




Saturday: Restaurant (in 2013-06-23)

Visiting New York City I had a great dining experience at Blossom one of the three renowned Vegetarian Restaurants.



Sunday: Dinner (in 2013-06-23)

The turnip soup was just right for me providing again a satisfying dinner and astonishing rich vegetable taste.

005-Yellow-Turnip Vegetable-Soup -Dinner-Tray-10.jpg



Monday: Beach Motel (in 2013-06-24)

Foods prepared for three days at a beach in RI were brought in a cooler and stored and prepared in the room’s kitchen.

064-Split-Pea Soup-Dinner-1.jpg

Tuesday: Beach Motel (in 2013-06-24). In the morning breakfast was provided by the low-fat granola with non-fat soy milk but without protein drink.



Tuesday: Beach Motel (in 2013-06-24). The kitchen was simple but where there is a will there is a way. The ‘pita-pocket with mushroom’ lunch tasted great.


Wednesday: At the Beach (in 2013-06-24). Lunch was prepared in the trunk of the car parked at the beach from ingredients brought in the big cooler.




Wednesday: (in 2013-06-27).

Back home from the beach trip I enjoyed a helping of the Split Pea Soup left behind and the waiting in the fridge.

064-Split-Pea Soup-Dinner-2.jpg

Thursday: Restaurant-Dinner (in 2013-06-27). Exploring the little town of Chester, CT revealed surprisingly another first-class CT Vegan restaurant.




Friday: Restaurant-Lunch (in 2013-06-30). Visiting NY City for two days the available vegan lunch in South Manhattan at a local Beer Garden was rather limited.

Restaurant-Beer-Garden NYC-Battery-Park-NY-Lunch.jpg

Friday: Restaurant Dinner (in 2013-06-30). But in the evening China Town offered a wealth of restaurants providing on special request many vegan choices




Saturday: Hotel Breakfast (in 2013-06-30). The Continental Breakfast offered plenty of fresh fruit and orange juice. I added my crisp bread with jam.


Saturday: Restaurant Lunch (in 2013-06-30). I found for lunch at a regular restaurant Artichoke-Salad with Sun-dried Tomatoes and used my dressing.

Restaurant- Little-Italy-NYC-NY- Salad-Plate-Lunch.jpg



Saturday: Restaurant Dinner (in 2013-06-30). Dinner in the City: No problem in ordering a menu item complemented by my emergency kit.

Restaurant-Village-NYC -NY-Grilled-Portobello-Vegie-Dinner.jpg

Sunday: Quick Meal (in 2013-06-30)

Back home I found no time to think about dinner preparations. A good quick meal was just the right thing for me.




Monday: Restaurant Dinner (in 2013-07-01). Ending 2 weeks of vacation with a great dinner at a local restaurant – with my Emergency Kit on hand.


Tuesday: (in 2013-07-02)

Since I had to drive to the airport, I had my pizza dinner with cranberry juice, sparing the wine for after my return.




Wednesday: (in 2013-07-03)

The pizza is great even if the second helping was kept in the fridge. After reheating in the stove it was a satisfying meal.


Thursday: Holiday BBQ (in 2013-07-04)

Independence Day Cookout with friends and family is tradition and I prepared my BBQ-veggie version.




Friday: Green (in 2013-07-07)

Turnips are one of my favorite bulb vegetables, mild and of delicate flavors as are the leaves and their crunchy stems.


Saturday: (in 2013-07-07)

This light turnip soup is so refreshing with its light pepper kick. The right dinner for a hot summer evening.




Sunday: Beans (in 2013-07-08)

Pinto beans are very light and tasty and so are these simple burritos, always one of my favorites.


Monday: (in 2013-07-09)

These burritos are my comfort food. This time I made 8 burritos so I will have one more serving waiting in the fridge.



Here are 100+ consecutive days (three months+ long day in and day out) of vegan low-fat low-salt meals! See in Stories resulting Cholesterol values (data points to the right at 07-12-13).


Tuesday: (in 2013-07-10)

With 2 cans of wet beans I could fill 8 burritos. Since they are so good, so I did not mind eating for this meal the three left.


Wednesday: Greens (in 2013-07-10)

Since it is now Escarole harvest the green taste wonderful. I’ll it combined with small white kidney beans.

112-Escarole with Cannellini Beans -Dinner-Tray.jpg



In Addition: Every Day (7/365) a Visit to the Local Gym



1 hour workouts (400-500 Calories in Kcal/weight) at alternating days


Either: 30 min Workout (Core training and Cardio workout, Heart Rate (HR) varying), 15 min Elliptical (sweating, HR 120-125), and 15 min Flexibility (hip ab-/adduction, torso rotation and stretch, HR <100), or


Or: 45 min Treadmill (HR <100) and 15 min Elliptical (sweating, HR 120-125)

(in 2013-02-09)




Comments: Write to and we will add your contribution here.