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Easy Snacks

There are so many different and easy ways for creating on the spot from scratch satisfying low-fat, low-salt and low-sugar vegan snacks that no convincing excuses are left for covering up “fallback” behaviors into sweets, oily chips, dairy or animal products even if enticed to do so at social occasions (see picture). These “good” snacks have distinct flavors and textures that induce effective physiological adaptation and psychological appreciation.


For healthy living snacking is a double-edged sword because it should emotionally satisfy a temporary desire but not extend to a limitless calorie intake replacing meals. The management of low-salt low-fat and low-sugar snacking requires some psychological guidance when such items are served for overcoming the physiological reactions to lack of caloric and self-enhancing stimulations (disaccharide = granulated table sugars). Limited portions should be presented in a visually enticing fashion!


Have always available:



Fat-free Hummus (Oasis: Mediterranean, Roasted Peppers)

Fat-free Dips (Oasis: Black Bean Dip)

Low-fat Lime Hummus (WholeFoods)

Low-salt Salsa (Green Mountain Grino)


Breads/Dipping Chips

Crispbread (Wasa: Sourdough and other)

Low-fat Mini Pitas


Fresh Vegetables

Mushrooms, Carrots, Radishes, Asparagus





Plenty of Fresh Fruit (All seasonal fruit besides of the standards:  Grapes, Apples, Pears, Oranges)



Iced Water/Tonic Water and herbal teas.



Clean, part and serve divided in small portions


Arrange neatly for maximizing emotional response and satisfaction.



Fresh Fruit



Fresh Vegetables


Raw Vegies

with Hummus Dip



Mini Pitas

for filling with Hummus and Salsa




Wasa Crispbread “Chips”

for Hummus/Salsa Dip




Decaffeinated/Herbal Tea

without sugar


Iced Water/Seltzer Water

optionally flavored with Lime or Lemon


The physiological requirement of 4-5 glasses of fluid intake per day is best satisfied by low-caloric means like water. Iced water is just fine, but seltzer water will additionally unconsciously gratify with its carbon dioxide content that reduced stomach acidity. Flavoring the water with lemon/lime will satisfy the initial gustatory expectations.


A glass of water must be part of a daily healthy diet. Herbal teas will do similarly good as well. Both will suppress the habitual need for sugary or alcoholic beverages.


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