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Independence Day Gril Party

Fourth of July is at the height of summer and should be celebrated with a day of summer fun and outdoor grilling may be at a family memberís or friendís home.


But how can the traditionally grilled meats (steaks, chicken thighs or hot dogs) be matched by grilled vegan low-salt low-fat foods?

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The Veggie Spears

Before leaving the house I grabbed what was available: white mushrooms small red onions, small tomatoes. Then I collected as snacks (099 Easy Snacks) little carrots, radishes, cherry tomatoes, green grapes, a glass of low-salt salsa, a container of no-fat hommus and a pack of Wasa crisp bread to be used instead of chips


At the home of the host it was a breeze to prepare 5 veggie spears and a bowl of the raw vegie snack.



The veggie spears were grilled hold in-between a fish BBQ Net. They were done when the tomatoes and mushrooms started to wrinkle and the wooden spears started to turn black!



This colorful combination of not-buttered cooked corn, grilled veggie spears and vegie snacks (099 Easy Snacks) definitely stood out at the table and provided plenty of food for the entire dinner time. A great rose wine round off the meal.

(Sorry, I had to taste the prepared corn before taking the picture of my meal).


What fun it was to join the crowd with a satisfying and complete dinner contribution.


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