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The Cardio Healthy Lifestyle requires besides of Cardio Fusion Diet

essentially Daily Workouts


1.     Weight control

Eat less or exercise more frequently and more vigorously for staying on your target weight.

2.     Exercise level

Start with three times a week and increase slowly frequency and exercise levels (weights, speed or load) until your heart rate stabilizes and you are lightly sweeting. It may take ½ to 1 year to work yourself up to a sustainable level of daily exercises. Under such conditions, the workout makes you feel good and refreshed instead of exhausted and miserable.

3.     Essential Orthopedic Support

It seems essential to consult with an experienced Physical Therapist on your orthopedic support needs before putting regularly stress on your body. Even small unrecognized needs will cumulatively rise to a level that may produce serious damage to joints, tendons and muscles.

- Correction of posture and gait,

- Corrective measures for biomechanical abnormalities




Goal: Every Day (7/360) a Visit to the Local Gym



1 1/2 hours workouts (~650 Calories in Kcal/weight):


30 min Treadmill (HR <100, light sweating at end, 250 relative calories)

30 min Elliptical (sweating, HR 120-125; 350 weight-normalized calories), and

15 min Workout (Core training and Cardio workout, Heart Rate (HR) varying, 150 relative calories), or alternatingly

15 min Flexibility (hip abduction/adduction, torso rotation & stretch, HR <100).




Treadmill and Elliptical

Core Training






Orthotic Exercise Support*

BROOKS Men’s BEAST’12, Wide


Brooks BEAST 12 running shoe for men with adaptive cushioning system, especially suitable for large and heavy runners and overpronators; high stability is achieved by the flagship of Control Category compensating Overpronation and arch collapse with the extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar on the medial side (upper picture); flexibility of the underfoot is enhanced by transverse grooves for seamless heel-to-toe transition (lower picture); optimal cushioning on toe, mid-foot and heel is given with the DNA (Dynamic Natural Adaptation?) technology.



Pronation occurs as weight is transferred from the heel to the forefoot and the foot rolls inwards. A certain amount of this is natural but for many people the foot rolls in too much or over pronates.


Orthotic Insoles*

for Arch Support in running shoes and regular dress shoes.



Arch support

FIT PROFILE describes the feel of the insole’s shape under the foot and heel: High profile offers the most shape and provides maximum support for most foot types.

VOLUME describes the amount of room needed in the shoe for the foot combined with the insole to fit properly: High volume fits in roomy footwear with removable insoles.


General Foot Support*





*) Pictures from commercial web resources

Summer, Indoor, Hot weather:


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Birkenstock Contoured Footbed Encourages Foot Health


1. Flexibility: When walking, the foot flexes to support your body. The Birkenstock sole and cork footbed flex with the feet for comfort with every step. The raised toe bar encourages the natural gripping motion of your feet exercising your legs and increasing circulation


2. Neutral Low Heel position, and 3. Room for Spreading of Toes:

Daily indoor: Fits like a glove!


Men > Sandals > Arizona > Oiled Leather

Birkenstock  Habana Oiled Leather  Arizona


Men > Sandals> Arizona EVA

Ethylene vinyl acetate — EVA for short — is a particularly durable and safe plastic that is produced by BIRKENSTOCK “made in Germany.” Especially well-suited for wet areas such as saunas, swimming pools, beaches or the ocean

Warm weather, driving:


Men > Sandals > Milano > Oiled Leather

Birkenstock  Habana Oiled Leather  Milano

Outdoors. Cold wet weather:


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Birkenstock Products,


http://www.birkenstock. com/pdf/ 2015_BIRKENSTOCK_HK_EN.pdf

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