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Private Holiday Party

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I found that the easiest dinner to prepare and to serve competitively at a dinner party is the Bok Choy dinner (008). It is fast to cook with little preparation required in the hostís busy kitchen.

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The Workplace

As promised by the host, I got a little space on the stove for preparing my holiday dinner (Bok Choy & Chinese mushrooms over rice) amidst of the conventional dinner preparations with roast, clams, sour cream and half & half.

Prepared in Minutes

I brought already cooked rice, my double steamer and all other ingredients ready to be cooked. While the Chinese cabbage Bok Choy was steaming I prepared the ginger and mushroom sauce. After 15 minutes everything was ready and I could join the merry crowd.

Cutting up the Prime Rib Roast

In the meantime, the rest of the kitchen offered a different kind of visual feast for the meat lovers when the Prime Rib Roast was cut up into portions.

Dinner Served

The Bok Choy dinner plate provided a refreshing contrast to the prime rib plates. Topped with mushrooms the light and dark green color of the Bok Choy covered the rice and demonstrated that a light and tasty vegan dinner can definitely measure up to any meat dish.

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