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Bok Choy and Chinese Mushrooms

over Rice


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This light gourmet Bok Choy dish compliments the full-body greens and the aromatic mild onion flavor of the white stems with mushrooms and ginger. Really wonderful.

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Get in Advance:


1 3.5 oz box of Shiitake Mushrooms

1 3.5 oz box of Bella Button Mushrooms

1 bunch of Green Onion (Scallions), chopped

1 large Glove of Garlic, sliced

1 large Piece of Ginger Root, peeled and chopped

1 large Bok Choy (or bunch of Baby Bok Choy)


Have On Hand:

Vegetable Broth

Corn Starch

Brown Basmati Rice


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(Adapted from recipe #11240 at vegweb,com):


Makes 3 generous portions (35 minutes)


Prepare Brown Basmati Rice

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil

Add 1 cup of Basmati rice

Simmer on very low heat in covered pot for 20-25 min.


Meanwhile Prepare Ingredients

Slice Scallions very thin

Peel and chop Ginger (3-4 table spoons)

Slice  Garlic very thinly

Chop Bok Choy green leaves and

half or quarter white part if large head

Cut Shiitake Mushrooms into ˝ inch pieces (no stems), slice Bell button mushrooms


Sauté in skillet

Bring 1 ˝ cup of Vegetable Broth to boil

Add ˝ of chopped scallions

Add minced garlic

Add sliced ginger

Add mushrooms

Simmer on very low heat.


Steam Bok Choy in Steamer (5-8 min)

Cut white part of Bok Choy and place it in a steamer.

After 2-3 min add the leaves (they will boil down) and steam only as long as needed for the leaves to get wilt.


Complete Sauce

Thicken mushroom sauce with 2 table spoons corn starch in ˝ cup of vegetable broth

Make sauce of thick consistency.



Top a serving of rice with vegetables and cover all with mushroom sauce. Sprinkle with some of the set aside chopped scallions.



Chopping the Vegetables

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Sautéing Mushrooms

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Steaming Bok Choy

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Preparing the Mushroom Sauce

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This Bok Choy dinner is perfect for serving at a private dinner party, because it can be prepared at home and then finished within 5 min at the host’s kitchen for sharing between 3 to 4 vegan guests.


The mushrooms can be stemmed and cut and the scallions, ginger and garlic can be chopped while the rice is cooking.

Read for Transport

Then, everything is packed, including a double steamer for the Boc Choy, and vegetable broth, corn starch and Saki wine for the sauce.



Dinner Table




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