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Wedding Reception at Amarante’s

Social Survival Guide

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Social Survival Guide

Bay View

Unsurpassed view of the New haven harbor bay (from their catalog).

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Dinner Hall

Festive decorated Tables and Dance Floor(from their catalog).

Description: Description: Amarante's Sea Cliff Wedding Celebration-1-4x6

Dinner Table


Fillet Minion

Dinner with rice and shrimp with Moroccan couscous served to other guests.

Esselstyn compliant Vegan Dinner

Blanched Green Pepper filled with Moroccan whole wheat couscous and Zucchini Rolls filled with red and green peppers. Served with blanched carrots and boiled red potatoes.

Dinner Served

I brought my Survival Kit and poured on the plate some No-fat Raspberry-Balsamic Dressing. It provided a wonderful sauce for the vegetables. Also, I complemented the dinner and wine with Wasa Sourdough crisp bread (See Survival Kit). Absolutely fabulous! Thanks to our hosts Patrice and Steve and Amarante’s Chef.

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