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Social Survival Guide


Emergency Cooler Bag

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What to do when one is part of a social party sharing an Eating-Out event?

Packed Content

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No Problems, if you bring your own (BYO) fat-free menu items , salad dressing and some crackers, salsa and bread.

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Get in Advance:


1 package Wasa Crisp Bread

1 package rice Crisps crackers

1 jar low-salt tomato salsa

1 Bottle No-Fat Salad dressing

several bags of non-caffeinated Tea

1 package of dried Mango fruit pieces


Have On Hand:

Lunch Cooler Bag


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What to bring?


I have found it very useful to have some alternatives in case that the host or the restaurant is not prepared to provide some fat-free meal choices.

Fat-Free Salad Dressing

In most cases, a fresh garden salad is available, but it has to be free of oil-dressings, cheese and nuts. If this can be arranged then will your favorite fat-free dressing be essential. However, it can also be used as sauce for rice and potatoes as well as steamed vegetables.

Fat-Free Bread

Dinner rolls or Italian and French breads are not fat-free. So, the Wasa crisp bread products are an essential replacement. I also like to eat some bread with a glass of wine or beer so that the crisp bread becomes essential for all my meals.

Fat-Free Condiment

A low-salt salsa is good for may purposes. It provides a great toping for a baked potato that is often available in restaurants, however, only if the potato can be ordered without any toppings.

Fat-Free Snacks

Trader Joe’s dried mango slices are a great snack even during desert time. Its full fruity flavor defies for all other visual desert temptations.

Reduced-Fat Crackers

A small bag with rice crisp crackers will go a long way in holding you over throughout an event. They are also great as ladles for the fat-free salsa.

Herbal Tea

Very often only caffeine-containing hot drinks are available. For that case I always bring several packages of mango-passion fruit tea.


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