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Easy Mediterranean Olive Oil Diet Recipes with Pictures: Freezing Vacuum-Sealed American Shad Filets




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Freezing Vacuum-Sealed American Shad Filets


Deboned Shad Filets

American Shad belongs to the Herring family (as does Mackerel) and thus is one of the healthiest fish because it has very high mono-unsaturated fat content and is high in Omega-3 poly-unsaturated fats. Fortunately, local fisherman skillfully debone the shad. They are during the shad run in May available in local fish markets for cooking and freezing. Fatty fish freeze well without losing their texture after slow thawing.

Vacuum-Sealed Frozen Portions

The storage time of frozen food can be extended by preventing freezer-burn, which occurs when water, subliming from the frozen tissue-bound state in to the surrounding  air-filled spaces, recrystallizes at the outer cold container walls, actually ‘freeze-drying’ the tissue. Vacuum packing of fresh wet filets before freezing eliminates the air and water pumping conditions.

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Getting Started with Cooking Greens



Have ready

American Shad filet, fresh, deboned


FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealing

1. Locally each deboned filet is hold together in clear plastic wrap

2. Cut each wrapped filet in half

3. Cut 8 1/2 inch long pieces from 11-in wide perforated Heat-Seal Roll

4. Seal one end of roll section

5. Place portions into created pouches

5. Vacuum & Seal the filled pouches with “Gentile” &” Moist” setting


Place in freezer as single layer for fast even freezing.

Once frozen double pouches can be folded over.

Each Deboned Filet is hold together with Plastic Wrap

Portioning by halving the wrapped filets.


Ready for Vacuum Packing.

Cut 8 1/2 inch Sections from 11 inch Perforated Roll



Seal one side of Section to make two Pouches

Vacuum Seal with Gentile & Moist Setting



Packed and ready for Freezing

Folded double Pouch after Freezing.


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Half the Plastic Wrapped Filets

Use 11-inch wide Perforated Roll

Cut 8 1/2 inch Sections

Vacuum Sealing Settings:

Gentile @ Moist


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