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Easy Mediterranean Olive Oil Diet Recipes with Pictures: Baked American Shad




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Baked American Shad



American Shad is the largest herring species (up to 5-6 lbs) and also the healthiest of all oily fish because of its high polyunsaturated fat (omega3 and omega 5) content. However it is only seasonal available in May on the East coast. It is available deboned and freezes very well.


The fish has a very mild taste, an amazingly soft texture and no oily feel (like farmed salmon or chat have). It is out most enjoyable, once its 1200 fish bones were cutout locally by the fishermen in a skillful manner to perfection. Without any bones interfering big bites of the thick sandwiched filet are just heavenly teats.

Challenge-Study with Mediterranean-Diet Meals for three Months


Getting Started with Cooking Greens







If frozen thaw at room temperature (2-3 hrs)

Preheat the stove to 200 degree F


Have ready

Shad filet, not frozen

1 onion, thinly sliced

4 springs of thyme

2 springs of marjoram

1 tablespoon lemon juice


Serve with Salad and bread or rice


Recipe modified from

Serve 2 portion (each 0.5-0.6 lb) from one fish.



The fish is scaled and deboned.

Preheat the oven to 200 F


Slice the onion.

Spread some onion on the bottom of the baking pan.

Place one of the two filet with skin side down into the pan

Sprinkle both flesh sides with lemon juice

Distribute one half of the herb springs over the filets

Cover with remaining onion slices and then with remaining herbs

Place the second half of the fish on top

Cover the entire baking pan tightly with Al foil


Slow Baking

Bake on middle rack at 200F for 2 hours NO longer not to dry out the fish

Serve right away when done



Prepare a side salad, have some starch (crusty bread or rice) for soaking up the fish juice.

Deboned American Shad

The three rows of fine bones are skilfully cut out leaving the meat separated into long strips.




Cut marks from Deboning

Ingredients with filets of half a fish

M13-Slow-Baked American Shad-Prep-3-335x251


Place onions into baking pan

M13-Slow-Baked American Shad-Prep-5-335x251

First half with herbsM13-Slow-Baked American Shad-Prep-4-335x251



Then come onions and rest of herbs

M13-Slow-Baked American Shad-Prep-335x251

Cavered by other half of filetM13-Slow-Baked American Shad-Prep-7-335x251


Ready for the Oven

M13-Slow-Baked American Shad-Prep-6j-335x251


M13-Slow-Baked American Shad-Prep-8-335x251



This was the other half of the same Shad: as delicious as the fist one.

Ready for the Oven


Back to Dinner








1 large onion, thinly sliced

4 springs thyme

2 springs marjoram

1 tbsp. Lemon Juice

Place some onions on bottom

Place filets opened on top

Sprinkle with lemon juice

Place rest of onions and herbs on filets

Sandwich filets

Cover completely with Al foil and bake

Slow Baking


Preheated Oven




If defrosted:

200 degree F

2 hrs


Middle Rack


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