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Easy Mediterranean Olive Oil Diet Recipes with Pictures: Broiled Atlantic Mackerel




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Broiled Atlantic Mackerel



Mackerel is the healthiest of all fatty fish like salmon and sardines because it has the highest Omega-3 content besides of highest amounts of mono-unsaturated fats. And it is delicious.


Atlantic mackerel is my first choice of fish but it is unfortunately not always available. Bought as filets it is prepared in minutes. Its red raw meat cooks white and its characteristic strong flavor makes a most enjoyable fish dinner.

Challenge-Study with Mediterranean-Diet Meals for three Months


Getting Started with Cooking Greens



Fresh Fish:


Prepare the filets:

Wash and pat dry

1/2 tablespoons olive oil

˝ teaspoon paprika

˝ of a quarter teaspoon black pepper

Lemon slices, quartered



Prep Time: 15 min

Adapted from





Preheat the broiler

Prepare the salad and slice the bread.


Baking dish: put olive oil into baking dish and grease the bottom

Place the fish filets with skin down into baking dish

Brush the filet with olive oil taken from the bottom of the dish

Season with paprika and pepper

Top each filet with lemon quarters

Bake the prepared filet under the broiler for 4 min only so that fish remains moist and soft.

Fish: Mackerel Filets



Broil in stove on 2nd rack from top


4 min

6 in under broiler


Fish remains tender and moist.



Serve right away since the baking dish is very hot and continues to cook the fish.

Provide Judie’s French Peasant Bread and salad.

Assembling the Filets


Back to Dinner






˝ tablespoons Olive Oil

on dish bottom, place filets, brush tops with oil

˝ teaspoon paprika

˝ quarter teaspoon pepper

Lemon slices, quartered




4 min


6 in under broiler

2nd rack trail from top


Serve right away!


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