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Tour May 01

Mill River Valley Gardens CSA


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Farm in Spring

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View over some of the gardens towards the farm house

Herb Garden in May 01

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A few perennial Herbs are already available in early May

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Shiitake Culture

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The mushrooms are grown in a shady moist area in tree logs which are seeded in drilled holes with spores.

The “Welcome Share”

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Shiitake mushrooms and herbs left-to-right:

Thyme, basil, chives, chocolate mint and ??



Braised Shiitake Mushrooms


For 1 Side Portion


Prepare mushrooms

Wash and discard stems


Braise mushrooms

In a pan bring ˝ cup of salt-free vegetable broth to a boil

Place mushrooms into pan and simmer covered for 5 min.

Place mushrooms on a plate but do not discard broth

Make simple sauce

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of corn starch in some cold water and mix with broth.

Stir vigorously while heating to thicken the broth and prevent clumping.


Serve hot as side dish over brown Basmati rice or with whole wheat toast.

Freshly harvested mushrooms

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Placing raw mushrooms into hot broth

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After simmering in covered pan for 5 min

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Prepared simple sauce

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Side Dish


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