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Easy Esselstyn Diet Recipes with Pictures: 'Peperoni & Sausage' Pizza




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'Peperoni & Sauge' Pizza



This meal is substantive enough for any occasion, like lunch or dinner. Added some available ripe flavorful Sun Golden Cherry Tomatoes that are a wonderful summer treat.


This is a great pizza on a new fat-free flat bread that cooks and taste just great. It bakes to a dry browned thin crust that can be covered with all the toppings you want like tomato, peperoni and sausage.

Getting Started with Cooking






Get in Advance:


1 sheet of rectangular flatbread/wrap

˝ jar of tomato pasta sauce

1 clove of garlic

1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast

˝ green bell pepper, chopped

vegan ‘peperoni’

vegan ‘sausage’


Have On Hand:







For 1 (generous)-to 2 Portion. Prep time: 30 min.


Preheat oven

Set oven to 425 degree F


Prepare the toppings

Deseed bell pepper, cut into small pieces (1/4 in)

Mince garlic

Slice and cut tomato if used (see bottom)


Prepare pizza

Use a not-oiled  stable baking dish


Cover flatbread generously with tomato sauce

Sprinkle evenly with bell pepper and garlic

Cover top with thin layer of yeast

Top off with evenly distributed

Salami slices

Tomato slices

Sausage chunks



Place tray on lower rack

Bake for 15 min until uncovered edges are lightly browned


Serve hot right away


Ready to go


Chopping bell pepper


Covering with tomato sauce


Sprincling with bell pepper and garlic


Covering with nutritional yeast


Topping off with salami and saussage pieces


Baked slightly brouned pizza





The first ever vegan meal I prepared three years ago was a pizza on a tortilla (001). Since then I am looking for a fat-free replacement that does not stick to an unoiled pan, browns nicely and does not get soggy. Finally I found it in fat-free wrap/flat bread. Dressing the pizza in a traditional way with tomato sauce, peperoni and sausages made this pizza really unsurpassed.


Again this is a dinner that requires to control appetite for the sake of managing calorie intake but it is worth it.


Tomato sauce, nutritional yeast and green bell pepper make a great base for the toppings.


Great combination of toppings is suassage, peperoni and tomatos


Ready for the oven



What a great combination of topings.





I liked specifically that this pizza had crisp dough after baking but this time it was too soft although I had put the pizza on the lower rack. May be I made the toping layer too thick. So next time I will try to use less tomato sauce.

Easy to prepare

Thick layer of topings



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