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Mesclun Greens with Burger

and Mushroom Sauce



This meal is easily adaptable to any appetite by adjusting the serving size of the baked potato and the number of burger patties.


Mesclun greens have a great light bitter taste and are refreshingly served with mandarins and tossed in a fruity dressing. The vegie burgers with potato and mushroom sauce provide the substantial part of this dinner.

Getting Started with Cooking






Get in Advance:


½ medium onion, chopped

½ medium red onion, chopped

1-2 cloves of garlic, minced

2 vegie burger patties

1 medium Russet potato

1 bunch of mixed greens, washed, wilted and discolored leaves removed, larger stems removed, cut into ½-1 inch pieces

2 tablespoons fat-free dressing

½ can of unsweetened mandarins

6z package of sliced brown mushrooms (Baby Bella)

½ cup of low-salt vegetable broth

¼ cup of white wine or broth





For 2 (generous)-2 Portion2. Prep time: 60 min.


Chop Vegetables

Chop ½ yellow onion

Chop ½ red onion

Mince 2 cloves of garlic


Prepare ‘Burgers’

Sear two vegie-burger patties at high heat until browned from both sides


Bake Potato

Wet Russet Potato, wrap in wax paper and microwave (high heat, 6-8 min)

After done, skin potato and keep warm wrapped in al foil.


Toss Mesclun Greens

Wash the leaves and discard wilted and discolored leaves. Remove larger stems then bundle the leaves and cut them into ½-1 inch pieces

Add fat-free dressing toss gently and fold drained mandarins under. Set aside.


Prepare mushroom sauce

In a deep sauce pan

Braise onion in hot sauce pan without oil or broth until onions start to brown, 5 min.

Add garlic and braise until flagrant (30 sec)

Reduce heat, and deglaze with ½ cup of vegetable broth

Cook at low heat with closed lid for 10 min

Dissolved in 1/4 cup of white wine 2 teaspoons of corn starch and add to stock

Stir vigorously until thickens to desired consistency.


Place Mesclun greens on a plate

Add and fork ½ of the baked potato

Place burger patties on side

Ladle mushroom sauce over potato and burger




Chopping onions and garlic


Seared burger


Braised vegie burgers


Washed and cleaned Mesclun greens


Tossed Mesclun Greens


Ready to prepare the mushroom sauce


Braising onions in very hot sauce pan


Braised yellow and red onions


Preparing vegetable broth for deglazing


Deglazed with ½ cup of vegetable broth


Added mushrooms


Prepared constarch in white wine


Prepared mushroom sauce





This light dinner is easily prepared especially since the Mesclun greens and the mushrooms are always available in my natural food store and I have always a couple of vegie burger packages in the freezer and Russet baking potatoes and onions in the pantry.









Always delightful, light and fast to prepare this time without mushrooms.




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