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Easy Esselstyn Diet Recipes with Pictures: Sweet Pea Soup




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Quick Meal:


Sweet Pea Soup



This quick meal is one of my last resorts when there was no time whatsoever for shopping. Of the shelf and prepared in 30 min it satisfies the stomach and the soul.


The sweet pea soup truly carries the sweetness of fresh peas as well as carrots. That’s why it is so refreshing and enjoyable to eat.

Getting Started with Cooking





Lunch, Soups & Quick Meals




Have in Stock:

Cans of no-salt added sweet peas

Small cans of no-salt added carrots


Have Ready:

1 medium onion

˝ red onion

2 cloves of garlic

Reduced-salt vegetable broth

2 151/2 oz cans of no-salt added sweet peas with water

1 8oz can of no-salt added can of carrots, drained

1 ˝ Tablespoon of Marjoram

1 tablespoon oregano

˝ teaspoon cumin

˝ of a quarter teaspoon black pepper

2 Bay leaves

Sprinkles of white wine vinegar


Have On Hand:

Crisp bread




(Spur of the moment):


For 2 – 3 Portions. Prep time 30 min.


Prepare vegetables

Chop onion, red onion and garlic


Prepare soup


Make the stock

Braise onions for 5 min

Add garlic

Stir until fragrant for 30 sec

Let cool down

Deglaze with 1 cup of vegetable broth

Add red onions and simmer for 5 min


Cook the peas

Add 2 cans of peas with juice

Add small can of carrots, drained

Add 1.1/2 Tsp marjoram, 1 Tsp oregano, 1 teaspoon cumin and ˝ of Quarter-teaspoon black pepper

Simmer with closed lid for 10 min and then let cool down

Set one half aside

Puree the remaining half coarsely with hand blender

Combine both again



Sprinkle servings with white wine vinegar

Serve with hearty bread like crisp bread


Preparing to cut the onions


Chooped garlic and onions





Braising the onions


Deglazing with vegetable broth





Added and cooked red onions


Added sweet peas, carrots, herbs and spices




Cooked sweet peas


Pureeing one half of soup with hand blender



Ready for combining





This is a fast of-the-shelf dinner that is light and always available. Used one ‘hot dog’ for enrichment.

Quick Dinner






Great tasting. It yields 3 portions of 1 ˝ cups. Freeze since pea soup gets quickly sour. .

Portioned to 1 ˝ cups



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