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Pumpernickel with Ripe Tomato

and Chives





Fresh naturally ripe tomatoes are one of the great summer vegetables affording to be eaten raw on first sight. However, having some fresh chives and some hearty bread with it makes a great lunch. Even though each Pumpernickel slice has 2% fat I like to use all my available fat-token of the day for this treat.


It is my greatest pleasure during the summer to enjoy the first ripe field-harvested local tomatoes. Nothing beats the natural richness of the tomato flavor being sour and fruity with a touch of sweetness. Served on heavy whole-grain sourdough bread with plenty of freshly chopped chives, well, that provides an unsurpassed enjoyment.

Getting Started with Cooking


Lunch, Soups & Quick Meals


Get in Advance:


2 fresh field-ripe tomatoes

1 bundle of chives

1 package of Pumpernickel whole grain sourdough bread (holds opened in the fridge for months)




(home derived)


For 1 (generous)-to 2 Portion. Prep time: 10 min



Clean and chop the chives

Wash and slice tomatoes

Place tomatoes on a slice of bread

Cut the bread in mouth-sized pieces and sprinkle densely with chives.



Little is required for preparation




Chopping the chives



Slcing the tomatoes



Prepared quartered Pumpernickel bread




I got a large ripe tomato and could not resist eating it raw with chives and a slice of a lighter full grain sourdough bread.

Lunch Description: Description: F:\My-Documents_CisNet\AIV_Technology\heart\images\Lunch-Soups-Quick-Meals\047-Pumpernickel-Tomato-Chives\047-Pumpernickle-Tomato-Chives-Served-4x6.jpg

Served Description: Description: F:\My-Documents_CisNet\AIV_Technology\heart\images\Lunch-Soups-Quick-Meals\047-Pumpernickel-Tomato-Chives\047-Pumpernickle-Tomato-Chives-Prepared-4x6.jpg


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