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Sorrel Potato Bake


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Sorrel has an intensely sour taste complementing the mild mineral taste of the red potatoes. The top layer of nutritional yeast bakes to a gratin (top crust) delightfully contrasting the softness of the moist potatoes.


This is a hearty summer dinner that is a very refreshing and satisfying potato gratin. The layered potato dish is baked in vegetable broth or tofu cream and topped with vegan cheese providing a great summer meal alternative.

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Get in Advance:


1 bunch of sorrel green, washed, stemmed and cut into 1 inch stripes and then pieces

3 lb small red potatoes, washed and thinly sliced

˝ tablespoon nutmeg

˝ of a quarter teaspoon black pepper

˝ cup of low-salt low-fat vegetable broth

1 ˝ cups of low-salt low-fat vegetable broth or tofu sweet cream (see at bottom)

2 ˝ tablespoons of nutritional yeast





(Modified to low-salt low-fat (Esselstyn plant diet) after the CSA cookbook, p41)


For 3 generous Portion. Prep time 2 hrs.


Preheat oven to 375 degree F

Optional: Prepare tofu sweet cream (014)

Use 7.5 oz Nasoya Lite Firm Tofu, 1 tablespoons of confectioners’ sugar, 3 tablespoon of almond milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Blend and let settle in fridge for 45 – 60 min.


Stew the greens

Wash and stem the green

Cut into 1 inch pieces

Use a large casserole and add ˝ cup of low-salt low-fat vegetable broth

Add sorrel and cook for 3-5 min in closed pot until it just starts to wilt.

Set aside


Prepare the potatoes

Wash red potatoes, optionally do not peels

Cut into thin slices

Set aside


Prepare the bake

In a baking dish

Make a first layer of potatoes

Add nutmeg and pepper

Cover with wilted sorrel

Finish with a layer of the remaining potatoes

Pour over potatoes 1 ˝ cups of stock (vegetable broth or sweet cream) to just cover potatoes

Scatter 2 ˝ tablespoon of nutritional yeast over top layer



Place dish onto upper rack

Bake for 1 ˝ hrs at 375 degree



Optional: garnish with chopped dill.



Preparing the sorrel greens

Cutting the greens

stewing the greens

Wilted sorel greens

Cutting the peeled potatoes

1st layer of  potatoes with added sprices

added 2nd layer of wilted sorrel

Finishing potato layer covered with yeast



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Having received from the CSA a new batch of sorrel leaves allowed me to revisit the sorrel gratin recipe. This was such a surprisingly refreshing dish that I expanded it by replacing the vegetable broth with tofu sweet cream.


The result was more than satisfying and similar to a German Kartoffelauflauf mit Sauerampfer (Potato Casserole in a cream-sauce topped with melted cheese and wild sorrel) we had often in my childhood at home. The garnish with dill was similarly familiar.

Preparing the sweet tofu cream

Layering potato and preparing sorrel


Final potato layers drenched in sweat cream






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