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Easy Esselstyn Diet Recipes with Pictures: Chicken Wings with Baked Potato




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Quick Meal:


Chicken Wings

with Baked Potato

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TV Snack

TV Snack Chicken Wings Potato-4x6


Using salsa makes this a great TV snack.


TV Snack Chicken Wings Potato-Served-4x6

This quickly prepared snack holds you over any hunger anxiety attack. Serve either with fat-free salsa or barbeque sauce (see below).



Get in Advance:

1 large Russet potato

1 package Smart Wings in Barbeque Sauce


Have On Hand:

Wax Paper

Salsa or

Barbeque sauce


TV Snack Chicken Wings Ingredients-4x6


(personal favorite):


For 1 Portion (Prep time: 10 min)


Microwave the Potato.

Wet a medium Basset potato

Do not punch holes into it.

Wrap it in wax paper and microwave

Microwave time depends on the microwave oven. It can easily adjusted as follows:

Optimal time: The potato did not lose volume and the skin peals easily. The bottom of the potato is caked only little bit. The entire potato is soft and brittle.

Too short: Potato is not done having a hard core.

Too long: The potato lost a lot of volume and the skin is loose and wrinkled. At the bottom is a large hardened browned cake.

Peel on the unwrapped paper and discard the paper after folding over removed skin.

Microwave the Chicken Wings

Microwave as instructed (~ 1 min HI)


Top the parted baked potato with either salsa or barbeque sauce.

A good beer goes well with this snack.


Wrap the wetted potato in wax paper

TV Snack Chicken Wings Workplace-4x6


Microwave the wrapped potato

TV Snack Chicken Wings Prep2-4x6

For this microwave oven 6.5 min on Hi is optimal for a medium potato.

Peeling the mirowaved potato

TV Snack Chicken Wings Prep3-4x6

The skin peels easily and little caked potato builds at the bottom if the microwave time is set properly.

TV Snack Chicken Wings Prep4-4x6


TV Snack Chicken Wings Prepared-4x6

Serving with Barbeque SauceTV Snack Chicken Wings Served2-4x6

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