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Dinner 003

Brussels Sprouts Royale

in Red Wine Sauce


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This is a gourmet dish that excels from its wonderful intense flavors of the browned (steamed and baked) Brussels sprouts, the baked cherry tomatoes and the steamed red cabbage while being complimented by the simple red wine sauce.

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Get in Advance (fall and winter):


1 Brussels Sprouts (get a stalk because it provides also the small sprouts that have the most tender flavor)

1 12 ox box of Cherry Tomatoes

1 Small head of Red Cabbage

1 small Bag of Russets Potatoes

1 bunch of Cilantro



Have On Hand:

Non-Stick Spray

Corn Starch

Maple Syrup

Vinegar (Red Wine or other flavors)

Red Table Wine



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(Adapted from and expanded to Esselstyn Plant Diet from Brussels Sprout Heaven recipe #29950 at vegweb,com):


For2 (generous)-to 3 Portions


Steam Brussels Sprouts.

Clean sprouts, cut only larger ones in half.

Use a steamer and cook for 10 min.


Mashed Read Potatoes

Wash, peel and cut Russet  potatoes

Boil in regular pot for 25-30 min until very soft.

Drain, evaporate residual water from pot by putting it for a few seconds back on the fire shaking the pot

Mash potatoes with a wooden spoon or mashing tool. Don’t overdue, should have some remaining soft potato crumbs.

Before serving, sprinkle mashed potatoes with freshly chopped Cilantro.


Bake Steamed Brussels sprouts and Cherry Tomatoes

Spray lightly non-stick backing pan with non-stick.

Place cooked sprouts and cherry tomatoes onto tin.

Bake at 425 degree F for 15 min – you may turn veggies half-way through.

Tomatoes should be wrinkled and sprouts should be browned at tin contact areas.


Steamed Red Cabbage

Quarter red cabbage and cut out the center stem.

After sprouts are done and are baking, place red cabbage head into double boiler and steam for 15 min.

When cooked sprinkle cabbage with red wine (or apple cider) vinegar.


Red Wine Sauce

While everything is cooking during the last 5 minutes:

Dissolve one tablespoon of corn starch in one cup of red wine and add a table spoon of maple syrup.

On medium heat add wine/starch suspension while stirring with a cooking spoon to prevent forming of starchy lumps. Stir to smooth consistency.

Pour over sprouts and tomatoes.


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Red Cabage and Sprouts

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Mashed Potatoes & Cabage

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Red Wine Sauce:

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Insert: 1 TBSP of corn starch being added to one cup of red wine.


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Great recipe. Served corn with it. May be sprouts should be steamed only for 5-10 min so that they are not overdone in the oven – they get sort of mushy inside. Again, tomatoes are wonderful as well as the red cabbage sprinkled with vinegar. Forgot pure the red wine sauce before taking the picture, sorry.


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